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Code 417-55
An Excellent Antique Oak Carved Statue, The Throne of Wisdom

From Northern France, this meticulously hand carved oak statue is known as The Throne of Wisdom. The Seat of Wisdom or Throne of Wisdom statues began to appear in Western Europe early in the 13th century. This example was carved in the 18th century or earlier and depicts the Virgin Mary and the Christ child holding a dove. The symbolism of the statue is that Christ embodies wisdom and justice and, Mary serves as a throne for the son of God, or the Throne of Wisdom. During the baptism of Jesus, the holy spirit descended upon Jesus like a dove and came to rest on Jesus. This is the reason that the dove has become the symbol of the Holy Spirit. This incredible wooden statue will be a wonderful accessory anywhere it is placed.

CONDITION: Good antique condition. Minor age separations, rubs, losses of wood to one hand, all commensurate with age.

H=20 5/8, W=7, D=6 3/8
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