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Code 417-75
Pair of 2nd Story Iron Gates from a Parisian Building, Circa 1880

"2eme Etage Haussmann"

This pair of iron gates are from the 2nd story of a building in Paris. This is noted in French on the metal plaque of one gate as, “2eme ETAGE”. At the top of each gate is the design of an open heart with a stylized fleur-de-lis and a lily and stamen hanging beneath it. C- and S-scrolls comprise the ornamentation of the rest of the gates’ design. They may have acted as dividers leading down a hallway on the second story of a residential building. These elegant Parisian gates from the late 1800’s can be used in a variety of ways, from garden gates to furniture design such as headboards, coffee tables, room dividers and much more.

CONDITION: Very good condition with rusting to iron.

H=69 3/4, Total Width=54 3/4, D=1 3/4
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