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Code 410-74
Antique French Bronze Door Knocker-1800s

An Antique French Bronze Door Knocker in the Form of a Lady’s Hand with Glove Holding a Bronze Round Knocker – Condition:  Original Patina has turned to a dark green; minor pitting to bronze. 19thC
This beautiful antique French bronze door knocker in the form of a gloved lady’s hand holding a round knocker or ball has a dark green patina that indicates it is old and has been exposed to the elements on the outside of a door.  Traces of the glove are on the top of her hand, while acanthus leaves at her wrist are the motif of the glove’s border. Minor cutting needs to be performed before we ship to you. Please inquire when ordering.

Diameter of Backplate=4 5/8, Bottom of fingertip to Top of Pivot=8 inches, Weight=10 lbs