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Code 417-95
Period Louis XIII Walnut Wood Homme Debout from Southwest France

CIRCA 1630

This very old Period Louis XIII (1610-1643) French homme debout is from SW France. An homme-debout is a piece of furniture half the size of a normal sized armoire, has an upper and lower cabinet with a drawer in between the top and bottom cabinets. Homme debout translates to standing gentleman, and legend has it, that it was used as a hiding place for armed Royalist insurgents during the Revolution. The middle drawer’s bottom panel was removed allowing a gentleman to stand up in the piece and hide. Of course, this piece was made long before the term was coined during French Revolution, and was it never converted to such a hiding cabinet! This homme-debout has raised diamond point motifs on its two panels. They are surrounded by four raised pyramidal shaped motifs and three very thick stepped out moldings.  This is typical of period Louis XIII styling. A drawer is in between the two cabinets. This all rests upon four block feet. There are iron hinges on the cabinet doors and an iron pull on the drawer.

Today, this rare walnut wood cabinet serves as a practical and elegant storage solution of any kind. It is of course one of the oldest functional types of furniture that be still used daily. 

CONDITION: Antique condition with old restorations, losses, old wormwood, wood filler on side, and age separations commensurate with age of early 1600’s. Strong and sturdy. See photos.

H=81 1/2, Max Width (crown)=41 1/8, Body Width=35, Crown Depth=23 1/2
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