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Code 917-84
A Vertical 17th Century Flanders Tapestry

This 17th Century silk and wool tapestry fragment from Flanders depicts two Renaissance people walking through a heavily forested area. Once part of a much larger tapestry, this fragment was saved and a new border was added as well as a new backing. Often, the very large tapestries were not well conserved and suffered years of neglect, damp conditions, smoke, etc.  This tapestry was woven during the period of time when Flanders was known for weaving some of the finest tapestries in Europe.  Tapestries were originally designed to protect from the damp and cold conditions of medieval castle walls. The colors for the most part are rich blues browns, golds creams and oranges. Some fading of color has occurred on the costume of the person to the left, probably due to sun damage. There are three standard borders in blues and a gold color.  The outer border is doubled.  It has recently been lined with a new backing, and there is a thin velcro strip at the top for optimal hanging. From Flanders, this vertical fragment will be a focal point to any area.

CONDITION: Minor fading and old restorations. There are a few areas where stitching of sections has come loose.

H=77, W=37 1/4, D=3/4
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